Firm feel mattresses are the most supportive for many customers and are comfortable too. If you prefer a very firm mattress or prefer to sleep on your back, try our firm mattresses, providing you with maximum support at night to ensure you're getting the best night's sleep.

We have 7 products to choose from


We have 7 products to choose from
We have 7 products to choose from
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Why do customers choose firm mattresses?

Customers often tell us they want a firm mattress, but they don’t always know why? Here are some things you might like to consider before you make your final decision.

Sleeping position

The supportive nature of a firm mattress helps with spine alignment, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back. A firm mattress is considered better for tummy sleepers because a more supportive stable surface reduces dip of the lower back.

Sleeper frame size and body weight

Generally, a heavier a person will experience quality sleep for longer on a firm mattress than a softer one. There are no fixed industry guidelines, but if a person weighs 90kg or more, then a firmer feel mattress is likely to provide better comfort and support.

Your pillow

This is just as important as the rest of your bed and is often overlooked. If your neck and shoulders are not aligned and comfortable, you may still not achieve restful sleep. Filled with pressure relieving TEMPUR® Material, we offer you a choice of styles ranging from classic rectangular pillows, to ergonomic shaped ones. All are designed to offer optimal head and neck support. 

More hints and tips

To be sure you select the correct sized mattress, view our Mattress and Bed Size Guide.

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