7 Sleeping Tips from TEMPUR

These 7 easy tips will help you fall asleep easily every night

We all know that we feel better after a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it’s hard to get to sleep easily. Studies show that we’re at our best with 7 to 9 hours sleep under our belts so to help you improve your changes of getting off to sleep easily, we’ve listed our top 7 tips to help you fall asleep quickly every night.


Try switching off your devices at least an hour before bed. Research shows that exposure to blue wave light, the type of light emitted from your electronic devices, suppresses melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycles.

If you must keep working late into the night, you could try the app f.lux which changes the colour of your device according to the time. Screens adopt warm tones once the sun has set, reducing the blue wave light your brain is exposed to.

Avoid alcohol before bed

A few alcoholic drinks before bed might give you the perception that they help you go to sleep, but studies show that it actually impairs the quality of your sleep.Consuming alcohol before bed can send you straight into deep sleep, skipping the first stage of sleep, rapid eye moment (REM). As the alcohol wears off, your body can return to REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from, and can lead you to having a restless night’s sleep.

Schedule time in your diary for relaxing and unwinding

If you’re like many busy people, your day can be chaotic and it can be difficult to have any me time.An easy solution to this problem is to treat it like an important meeting or appointment.Schedule time in your diary to unwind and relax before bed, and stick to it.Not only will you feel calmer, but it will signal to your body that it can start winding down for the day.

Listen to a meditation or relaxation podcast

If you’re unsure how to relax or unwind, meditation or relaxation podcasts could give you guidance so you’re not doing it alone. Turn your phone on silent so you don’t get interrupted, and play your favourite podcast while taking big deep breaths and winding down from the day.

Warm bath or shower before bed

Not only is a warm bath or shower before bed relaxing and a chance for me time, but it also changes your body temperature which signals that it’s time for sleep. Your body temperature naturally drops at night, so a shower or bath can speed up that process. Your body temperature rises after a warm shower, so when you step into a cooler bedroom, your body temperature drops and this can signal to your body that it is time to rest and can help you fall asleep quicker.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary

If your bedroom is cluttered, messy or in need of a major clean, it can become a stressful space instead of a peaceful and relaxing one. Set aside time to de-clutter and clean it so that when it comes time for bed, you look forward to being in that space. If your bedroom is cluttered, use it as an opportunity to donate your unwanted items to charity. Splurge on a bedspread that you love so that you look forward to climbing into bed each night. Light a scented candle and play relaxing music while you get ready for bed so your room feels more like a luxury spa than damaged war zone.


Scheduling in regular daily exercise is not only great for your overall health benefits, but it can also help you sleep better at night. Studies show that regularly daily exercise can have long term improvements on the quality and quantity of your sleep. So schedule that walk or workout with your friend. Not only will you be less likely to cancel because you have made a commitment to someone, but you will be helping your body deliver improved sleep patterns in the long run.