A pillow like no other

TEMPUR® Pillows come in a variety of feels, shapes and sizes to support your individual sleep needs.

TEMPUR Ergonomic Pillows

Specially shaped for specific sleeping positions

Ergonomic Pillow have been designed for maximum support and comfort and to relieve discomfort for head, neck & shoulders

  • Uniquely shaped for you
  • Uncompromising neck support

TEMPUR Classic Pillows

Classic shaped pillow, choice of soft, cool or washable

Classic pillows have the same rectangular shape as normal pillows but with all the benefits of Tempur material and design

  • Easily shaped for your sleep need
  • Available in a variety of feels and sizes

3 Year Warranty

Our pillows are tested to last, so we offer a full 3 year guarantee valid from 1/4/2017.

TEMPUR® Material in every memory foam pillow

Exclusive TEMPUR® Material, first developed by NASA®, actively cushions and supports your head, neck and shoulders, so you will feel supported all night long.

At TEMPUR, we put as much testing and research into our pillows as we do our mattresses. Our ergonomic collection offers extra support to relieve discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders, while our classic collection helps improve sleep quality by relieving the pressure points that cause discomfort.

When it comes to sleep quality, the pillows you choose are just as important as your mattress. We all know that a mattress must be comfortable and it must provide support, to enable you to get the best rest, night after night. But, pillows can also play an essential role.

TEMPUR offers incredible durability, lasting a long life as pillows return to their original shape every day, lasting longer than any other memory foam pillow on the market. Each TEMPUR pillow has an antimicrobial-treated hypoallergenic cover, helping to maintain freshness and keep allergies at bay.

We believe in the long-lasting capabilities of our products which is why we provide a 3-year warranty with every pillow purchased from an accredited retailer, at no extra cost.