“TEMPUR® ranks number 1 in consumer satisfaction in the Australia.*”


At Tempur®, our aim is to create products that consistently provide deeply refreshing, restorative sleep. We hope that our owners sleep so well, that they not only look forward to going to bed each night, but that they tell their friends and family. Watch testimonials from real Tempur owners here:

To ensure that Tempur products continue to meet our high demands — and the needs of our owners — we keep track of just how satisfied people really are with our products. From 2014-2015, we hired Wilke A/S, an independent research company based in Denmark, to survey about thirty seven thousand consumers across the world through an online survey. Not aware that Tempur sponsored the survey, the consumers were asked how satisfied they are with the mattress that they sleep on. We were happy to find that Tempur came out number 1 across these markets, rating higher on consumer satisfaction than any other mattress brand.

You can find more information for Australia and each country surveyed in the chart below.

  How satisfied are you with your current mattress?
Country Tempur's position Very Satisfied or Satisfied
Belgium 1 73%
Switzerland 1 69%*
Germany 1 71%*
Denmark 1 72%*
Spain 1 78%*
Finland 1 68%*
France 1 76%*
Italy 1 76%*
Netherlands 1 76%*
Poland 1 70%*
Sweden 1 78%*
United Kingdom 1 79%
Japan 1 53%
Australia 1 62%
South Korea 1 59%

*Indicates 95% statistically significant score higher than closest competitor.

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