Ergonomic Pillows


Why choose a contour pillow?

Ergonomic pillows – also known as memory foam pillows and neck support pillows – are specially contoured to provide extra support to the head and neck. While this type of contoured pillow is often sought out by sufferers of neck discomfort, an ergonomic pillow is not simply a pillow for neck pain.

Suitable for everyone, an ergonomic pillow allows for a more comfortable night’s rest, limiting movement at night, relieving pressure as you sleep, and providing full support for your neck. By reducing neck strain and offering improved levels of comfort, it may even help to diminish snoring.



  • The wide selection of TEMPUR ergonomic pillows are designed to offer support to all sleepers. The Original pillow is designed as a side sleeper pillow, the Ombracio pillow works for stomach sleepers, and the Millennium pillow is for back sleepers. Meanwhile, the Symphony pillow offers a medium-firm feel, the Classic pillow provides a traditional shape, and the Long Hug pillow is simply perfect for hugging.
  • With its own antimicrobial-treated, hypoallergenic cover, each TEMPUR ergonomic pillow offers improved freshness, while helping to keep allergy symptoms at bay.
  • With TEMPUR ergonomic pillows, you can rely on their long-lasting durability as they return to shape day after day, year after year.
  • We are so confident of the durability of our pillows, we provide a 3-year warranty at no extra charge with each of our ergonomic pillows purchased from accredited retailers.