Adjustable Beds Zero-G


What is an adjustable bed?

Allowing you to fine-tune your sleeping position, adjustable beds ensure you stay comfortable and fully supported throughout the night. Supporting your body in a Zero-G – or zero gravity – position, an adjustable bed may reduce the pressure exerted on your spine, while relieving muscle tension and improving circulation to provide a deeper state of relaxation.

Whether you’re sleeping, or in bed reading, working on your laptop or watching TV, your adjustable bed can adjust to provide the support you need, while reducing strain on your neck and back. And with a range of additional features on offer, your TEMPUR adjustable bed is as functional as it is comfortable and supportive.


Advanced Features

Features that provide extra comfort and support include three-level massage, adjustable lumbar support and 90-degree independent head tilt support. If you are looking for additional functionality, you can choose the Zero-G Luxury model that has such features as Bluetooth connectivity, USB power ports, under-bed lights, a wireless motion-sensitive back-lit remote, auxiliary input, a speaker system, or Zero-G Prestige bed that also has magazine and tablet pocket.