TEMPUR® Ergo Adjustable Base

Combining adjustability with the latest in technology, the Tempur® Ergo Adjustable Base creates a holistic sleep system. Use the power bed base to put yourself into an upright position to read a book before reclining into your preferred sleep position and nodding off for the night.

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TEMPUR® Ergo Adjustable Base

Discover the weightless Zero-G position that not only enhances sleep but provides a host of health benefits including improved circulation, optimal spinal support and tension-relief.

  • The wireless remote allows you to gently tilt your mattress into the perfect position for your sleep with head and foot light.
  • The Tempur Ergo includes plenty of pre-set options such as the anti-snore QuietMode position and the restful zero gravity pre-set.
  • Gently massage yourself before sleep for a restful night with the two-zone massage feature provided by the ergo base.
  • Stay connected with USB ports providing charge to all your favourite devices.
  • With underfloor lighting, you’ll never stub your toe on the corners of the bed again.

10 Year Warranty

Our mattresses are tested to last, so we offer a full 10 year guarantee valid from 1/4/2017.

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