Classic Pillows


Why should you choose from the classic pillow collection?

Our classic pillow collection provides the highest levels of TEMPUR comfort and support, in a familiar pillow shape. By choosing from our classic pillow collection, you can select the level of softness that you find most comfortable – whether that’s firm, medium or soft – to enjoy a fully supported night’s rest.

A TEMPUR Pillow: May Relieve Aching Necks.

By providing the correct level of support to your head and neck, our pillows may help to relieve pressure as you sleep, so you can wake rested – without that bothersome stiff, achy feeling in your neck and shoulders.

A TEMPUR Pillow: May Reduce Snoring.

By improving comfort and reducing the neck strain that can exacerbate snoring, TEMPUR pillows may create quieter nights.



  • With an extensive range of pillows, TEMPUR’s classic pillow collection has something for everyone. For easy movement, choose the Traditional pillow, or to wick away moisture, choose the Breeze pillow. Alternatively, you could opt for the Original pillow for a firm feel, the Sensation pillow for a medium feel, or the Cloud pillow or Hybrid pillow for a soft feel.
  • Offering improved freshness, all TEMPUR products feature an antimicrobial-treated, hypoallergenic cover so you can rest easy, while your pillow works to keep allergy symptoms at bay.
  • Our pillows are designed for durability, so you can rely on their comfort and support as they return to shape every day, year after year.
  • We are so sure of the quality of our pillows, we offer a 3-year warranty with every pillow purchased from an accredited retailer.