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According to the principles of Feng Shui, the bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. All too easily, the chaos of ‘life’ can slip into the bedroom, bringing with it stress, clutter and anxiety. This can make it difficult to get the rest you need each night, preventing the rejuvenation of your mind and body as it prepares for the day that follows.

With the following Feng Shui tips, however, you can transform your sleep space into a Feng Shui bedroom. By balancing your bedroom according to the principles of Feng Shui, you should benefit by resting easier, by feeling more in control, and in the improvement of your romantic life. All you need to do is learn is how to keep the chi flowing, and how to deflect negative energy.

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As the most important object in any bedroom, the bed is the focus of many of the following Feng Shui tips.

In terms of a recommended Feng Shui bed position, the bed should be positioned as far from the door as possible, without being in line with the door. If your bed is too close to the door, there is the potential that you will be startled by life’s surprises. By placing your bed further away, in your direct line of vision, you can prepare yourself for whatever is to come, leading to a feeling of control.

The bed should also be supported by a solid headboard with a wall behind it, and should never be placed under a window. Both the headboard and wall provide you with protection and support on a subconscious level. But, if you choose to sleep under a window, your personal energy will get weaker over time, as it has no support or protection.

supportive mattress that helps to promote sleep and relaxation is extremely important. With the right bed, you will sleep better at night, which in turn works to improve your health and wellbeing during the day. The bed should be a good height, preferably without built-in storage underneath. Energy needs to be able to circulate around the bed, so it’s best to get rid of clutter and any under-bed storage where possible.

As for the best Feng Shui bedroom layout, balance is key. Even if there is only one person sleeping in the room, it’s best to keep each side of the room equal, so you have balanced energy on both sides. This means having a bedside table on each side of the bed, each with a lamp. This is also important for maintaining equality in a relationship if you share the bedroom with your partner. Choose bedside tables that are round instead of square, as these cut the energy that may be directed towards you.

The colour of your Feng Sui bedroom is also significant. You can choose fire element colours (red, orange, purple, pink and strong yellow) for passion and energy, working to bring a supporting energy in your career efforts and helping you achieve recognition. Earth-toned colours (beige and light yellow) are for nourishment and stability, while pastel colours add peace and restfulness.

Think of your bedroom as an oasis or sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Anything that takes away from that feeling of sanctuary should be kept in another room.


Feng Shui is about more than what you place in a room, it’s also about what you keep out of it.

Technology has no place in a sanctuary, so it has no place in your bedroom*. Technology is a distraction, and can promote stress and anxiety, so it’s best to remove televisions and laptops, as well as your mobile phone. If space is an issue and you must have your TV or laptop in the bedroom, cover it with a scarf when you’re not using it, or place it in a closet.

Books should also be kept in other rooms in the house. While it’s okay to keep a few books by your bed, having your walls lined with bookshelves can make you feel overwhelmed in the space**.

Mirrors should be avoided in a Feng Shui bedroom, as they can disturb your sleep by bouncing reflected energy, keeping you awake and restless***. If you share your bedroom with a romantic partner, a mirror is also thought to invite a third person into the marriage, opening up space for infidelity.

Also important to keep out of your Feng Shui bedroom are fountains, water features and pictures of water, as these could invite financial loss or robbery; as well as plants and flowers, as these possess too much yang, creating too much activity and energy for you to rest properly****.

Lastly, get rid of clutter to allow chi to circulate properly, and throw out clothes you no longer wear, as keeping them in your bedroom may prevent you from embracing new opportunities. Cluttering your bedroom with photos of friends and relatives, or pictures of religious iconography is also best avoided, as you will feel like you’re being watched and will get overwhelmed*****.

Key Points to Remember

  • Think of your bedroom as an oasis or sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Anything that takes away from that feeling of sanctuary should be kept in another room.
  • Use soft lighting in the form of lamps, and avoid bright lights or ceiling lights over your bed.
  • Be aware of the position of the windows and door, and try to avoid placing your bed between the two.
  • Choose inspiring art for your bedroom, such as calming scenes from nature.
  • Get rid of clutter and keep your bedroom as spare and as simple as possible. The more you have in your bedroom, the more difficult it will be to find balance.

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