PPA Pillows

TEMPUR Ombracio Pillow

TEMPUR® Ombracio Pillow

A soft pillow designed specifically for front and side sleepers.

TEMPUR Original Pillow

TEMPUR® Original Pillow

Designed for uncompromising neck support and firmness. Available in various sizes, so you can choose the size that fits you perfectly.

TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Cloud

TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Cloud

A traditionally shaped pillow with a soft feel that gives the same cushioning comfort as our TEMPUR® Cloud mattresses.

TEMPUR Millennium Pillow

TEMPUR® Millennium Pillow

An ergonomic pillow in a firm feel developed for back sleepers who want to relieve neck discomfort.

TEMPUR  Symphony Pillow

TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow

A unique pillow offering flexible comfort and support for back and side sleepers.