May 3rd, 2021 | Tempur Quality

TEMPUR® Material was born from technology first developed by NASA scientists and used onboard the space shuttles. They invented a viscoelastic material, with high-energy absorption and soft, cushioning pressure relieving properties. 

In a breakthrough moment, our own scientists recognised the material’s unique potential for sleeping. So they took that original NASA invention and spent years perfecting it into what we refer to as our unique TEMPUR® Material today. Capable of conforming and responding to the body, Tempur® is the ideal choice for minimal partner disturbance.

What is partner disturbance? 

If you’ve ever shared a bed with somebody, then you’ll likely have experienced the annoyance of being woken by them in the middle of the night as they roll over, or get up to get a glass of water. For many couples, sleeping together can be challenging, although there are a variety of practical reasons why they may still choose to do so. Many couples simply appreciate the feeling of safety and security that they get when sharing a bed. 

Unfortunately, it’s all too common to find that your mattress shakes, wobbles or bounces beneath you when your partner is moving around. Most traditional spring mattresses will transfer at least a little bit of motion, which can cause you to wake up again and again throughout the night. Those with partner’s that tend to toss and turn a lot, or who stick to a different work schedule, will usually find that their sleep quality is considerably poorer because of it. 

Memory foam can have a motion transfer of up to 20%. This just means that it transfers movement and energy across your mattress. So when your partner moves, you’re more likely to feel it. 

TEMPUR® Material isolates motion up to 10x better than this, with less than 2% motion transfer. So when your partner twists and turns, TEMPUR® Material absorbs their motion, so you won’t feel a thing. Making it a great mattress for minimal partner disturbance and a true restful sleep.

Reducing partner disturbance

Sleep disruption can be a big problem. Not only will it leave you feeling grumpy and tired when you wake up, but it can also be a sign of a more serious underlying issue. If you or your partner is tossing and turning at night, snoring or waking up feeling sore and achy, then your mattress may be the culprit. Tempur® material is designed to address and alleviate many of the issues that cause sleep disturbance. It’s pressure relieving material perfectly melds to your body, relieving pressure on your joints and muscles for a more comfortable sleep - which means less tossing and turning. It gives a feeling of complete weightlessness and won’t sag, sink or warp over time - for continuous support that truly lasts and true restful sleep. 

Best of all? Tempur® mattresses are flexible enough to be paired with adjustables bases. On a split-king, couples sleeping next to each other can easily control their sleeping positions, even independently adjusting incline for maximum reduction of partner disturbance. 

If partner disruption is an issue you face, then it may be time to invest in a new mattress and there truly is no better option than Tempur’s range. We recommend visiting a local stockist in store to experience the comfort and support of a Tempur® mattress for yourself. 

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