February 21st 2017 | Tempur Material
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A good night’s rest usually comes from a comfortable night’s sleep. While it may be elusive for some, that comfortable night often means sleeping on a bed that offers just the right amount of support in perfect comfort, surrounded by tranquil darkness.

But, getting the rest you need also means finding the right temperature. Feeling too hot while sleeping can result in poor sleep through the night, and can sometimes prevent getting to sleep at all.

In summer, heat can cause problems when the ambient temperature increases and the mercury starts to rise. In winter, we often over-compensate for cooler temperatures in the sleepwear and bedding that we choose, making us hotter than we need to be.

When we get overly warm in bed, it can be tempting to blame our mattress. But, while we may think it’s our mattress’s fault, mattresses do not generate heat – we do!

There are many factors that can contribute to overheating in bed. These can include our age or weight, our diet or overall health, our hydration levels or any medication we are taking. We can also overheat due to stress or anxiety in our life, or it could simply be our choice in bedding.


So, what can you do to sleep cooler? While your mattress certainly doesn’t generate heat, the mattress you choose can make a big difference to your temperature.

Some people choose mattresses with a so-called cooling gel layer, thinking this will provide a colder spot to sleep. Unfortunately though, while it may be cool to lie on initially, that gel layer soon reaches body temperature.

Not only will it no longer feel cool, that gel layer acts as a barrier, preventing ventilation and causing your temperature to rise even further.

What about foam? Traditional foam and memory foam mattresses utilise a closed-cell structure, which retains body heat, keeping it close to your body.

On the other hand, with an open-cell structure, a TEMPUR material is made up of billions of open-cells, which allow for easy ventilation through the night. It draws in surrounding cooler air, circling away the warmer air created by your body.


A recent independent test by Ergonomie Institut München measuring heat generated and retained during a seven-hour sleep period, found that TEMPUR beds sleep cooler than the competition.

Repeated tests showed that after seven hours of sleep, TEMPUR beds provided relative humidity levels below 50%, while TEMPUR material temperature rested at 36.1°C.

But it’s not just science that TEMPUR has on its side – TEMPUR owners also have something to say about their experience. An impressive 88% of owners say they are completely satisfied with their TEMPUR mattress, and 9 out of 10 would buy a TEMPUR mattress again.


Aside from choosing the right mattress, there are plenty of other ways you can keep cool while you sleep.

  • Open your bedroom windows every morning to freshen and cool the air.
  • Choose the right bedding for the season. Remove overly hot quilts in summer, switching to cotton sheets for the best in breathability.
  • Opt for sheets with a maximum thread count of 400 per square inch. A higher thread count means a denser weave, reducing breathability.
  • Remove electric blankets and underlays. Heat doesn’t just get trapped in coverings, it can also get trapped in sheets and blankets below you.
  • Select the correct quilt or doona for your climate. While down quilts can be luxurious, they can be especially warm, and are better suited to sleeping in much colder temperatures.
  • Wear breathable cotton sleepwear in a soft, loose design.
  • Take a cool shower before bed to lower your core body temperature.
  • Drink plenty of water before bed and keep a glass of water beside your bed. Bear in mind, alcohol acts as a diuretic, increasing your need to stay hydrated with water.

Stay cool and comfortable come summer or winter, with a TEMPUR mattress and these easy-to-follow tips. Science and experience shows TEMPUR offers superior ventilation, ensuring better regulation of your body temperature as you sleep. The rest is up to you!

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