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Tidy home, tidy mind. While it may sound like a cute saying found on fridge magnets and coffee mugs, there is truth behind this axiom. When it comes to organisation in the home – especially within your sleep space – there are plenty of benefits to be found from cleaning up and clearing out.

Having a messy, disorganised bedroom can make sleep more elusive, it can make it more difficult to find what you’re looking for, and it can make you feel more stressed and time-pressed. But, by making small changes within your sleep space, you can create an environment that is more comfortable, calming and relaxing to be in, while making it easier to find what you want, when you want it.

This not only helps you get better sleep, it can also help you to feel more organised. With a good night’s sleep and a clear and focused frame of mind, you will feel ready for the day, helping to improve your mood, while increasing your productivity throughout your day-to-day activities.



Life is busy. So busy for some that tasks like bedroom organisation can often take a back seat. But, there are benefits to having an organised bedroom.


If you neglect to clean your bedroom regularly, you may find your dirty and dusty room can irritate your sinuses causing allergies, while germs and bacteria can lead to illness. According to a National Sleep Foundation study* over in the United States, clean sheets and fresh air, free of allergens, contribute to a good night’s sleep.

By dusting and vacuuming your bedroom more often – and by changing your sheets regularly – you may breathe more easily, you may get sick less often, and you may enjoy a better night’s rest.


If your bedroom is untidy and disorganised, all that clutter will make it near impossible to find anything. This can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you are running late.

By keeping your bedroom organised, by having a place for everything and having everything in its place, you will be able to find what you need, when you want it. This not only saves time and cuts down on stress, it can also save you money.

Instead of buying new to replace something lost at the back of the closet, you will know exactly where to find that original item. The same applies for clothes. If you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear, that might be because you can’t see all the great options you already own.


If you or your partner is messy, it’s likely that mess has spread into the bedroom. This can cause arguments or friction within a relationship, as the partner who prefers a clean sleep space has to constantly clean up after the messy one.

By cleaning up after yourself and creating a clean and organised bedroom, you can both enjoy a less cluttered environment, while reducing the amount of time you spend arguing about it.


Having a cluttered living space can make it difficult to focus. If you have a messy bed and a bedroom floor covered in clothes, that feeling of clutter can creep into your day-to-day life.

Oddly enough, making your bed each morning can lead to you being more happy and productive **. According to a survey of 68,000 people by, 71% of people who make their bed consider themselves happy, while 62% of those who don’t make their bed admit to being unhappy.

The study also showed that bed makers were more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly, and feel well rested. Non-bed makers, on the other hand, were more likely to hate their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired.


While you may think sorting out your sleep space is a bigger task than you’re ready to take on, it doesn’t have to be. With these handy organisation tips, you can create a bedroom environment that is ordered, organised and completely sleep-friendly.


When you see clutter, it can clutter your mind. This is not something you want when you’re trying to get to sleep. Clearing your nightstand can be a good start, keeping only the essentials in view.

If you tend to mentally list things you have to accomplish the following day, having a pen and paper beside the bed can help. List these items to get them out of your head, and clear your mind to help you fall asleep faster.

When it comes to screens, these are best kept out of the bedroom. Screens such as your television, tablet or smartphone emit a blue light that can make it more difficult to sleep. Watching TV or playing with your phone can also distract you, so you get less time to sleep.


According to a National Sleep Foundation study*, most people believe their bedroom surroundings affect the quality of their sleep, with elements of comfort proving to have the greatest impact on the sleep they enjoy.

About nine out of ten respondents said having a comfortable mattress and comfortable pillows were essential to getting a good night’s sleep, while the feel of their sheets and bedding was most important to others.

By making comfort a priority, you may be able to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Take a look at TEMPUR’s range of bedsmattresses and pillows to find the perfect bedding arrangement for your best possible night’s rest.


Clean the air in your bedroom to enjoy fewer allergies and a better night’s sleep. You may want to use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove dust, pollen and air pollutants; put a houseplant in your bedroom; open the window to air the room for 30 minutes each morning; vacuum and dust weekly; and choose natural fibres and materials.


De-cluttering and organising your space can help to keep your mind clear by removing distractions. You can arrange your closet better by donating clothes you no longer wear, by hanging up or organising your clothes in drawers or organisers, and by colour coding your closet.

As for organising the rest of your sleep space, the furniture you have in your bedroom can help. Storage is key. Storing items under the bed using under bed storage can help to reduce clutter, making it easy to access. These two TEMPUR bed options are perfect for this: TEMPUR Width-End Two-Drawer Queen Bed and TEMPUR East-West Bed with Storage.

You may also want to utilise headboard storage space by incorporating shelving around the headboard or use nightstands that include drawers and cupboards for extra storage options.





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