TEMPUR Zero-G Vogue Lifestyle

Durable and finely finished adjustable bases offer weightless comfort at the push of a button. When the spine is positioned at Zero Gravity, full body muscle tension is relieved and circulation improved.

Key Features

  • Zero-G Preset Position
  • Wireless Remote
  • Zero Clearance

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TEMPUR Zero-G Vogue Lifestyle

TEMPUR's Zero-G adjustable base gives your whole body an upgrade by providing customised support to improve posture, circulation, and digestion.
By supporting the natural curvature of your spine, our bases create the ultimate stress relief: reducing pressure throughout the body, and alleviating muscle and joint pain.

The Zero-G Vogue Lifestyle includes the following features:
  • Head and Foot Articulation: Elevate the head or foot of the Ergomotion bed to reduce snoring and relieve joint pain.
  • Gravity Release Safety Feature: Head and foot motors designed to lower the mattress by retracting only with gravity, never pulling downwards, which minimizes pinch points.
  • Interchangeable Leg Options: Various heights can be achieved with different leg sizes.
  • Mattress Retainer Bar: Keeps mattress from sliding
  • Smooth Power Lifting System: Head and foot motors that gradually increase in power when articulated, providing the user with seamless transition from position to position.
  • Wireless Remote: With individual head / foot control/ head tilt motor/ lumbar motor/ contour.
  • Zero Clearance: Designed for full operation with legs or placed on a flat surface.
  • Convenient One Button Power Outage Lowering Function: In the event of a power outage, the base can be brought to a flat position by pressing the button on the power down box under the base.
  • Smart Sync Pairing System: Synchronization has never been easier. Simply connect two LS bases with the sync cord provided. Each remote will operate both bases simultaneously. Just plug and go!
  • Weight Limits: Supports a maximum weight of 340 kg evenly distributed across the base. Highest weight capacity in this class.
  • Zero G® Preset Position: One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.

10 Year Warranty

Our mattresses are tested to last, so we offer a full 10 year guarantee valid from 1/4/2017.

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