• Introducing our pillow range

    Pillows for those that require the best support possible to relieve discomfort for head, neck and shoulders. Contoured from TEMPUR® Material, each design has a specific purpose. Choose the pillow that fits your sleep needs, but also feels most comfortable to your shape.

Micro-Tech™ Pillow

The soft and huggable feel is balanced with support, providing comfort in any sleeping position. Our TEMPUR® Extra Soft Material inside allows you to experience the core benefits of TEMPUR® and relax effortlessly as it provides gentle support that adapts to your head, neck and shoulders night after night.

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TEMPUR® Symphony Pillow

This design provides two pillows in one. One side allows the shoulder to fit below the pillow, making it comfortable when sleeping on your side, while the other is gently arched to support your head and neck when sleeping on your back. This pillow offers a more traditional shape with gently sloping contours and a thicker profile for consistent, all night support without shifting or reshaping.

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TEMPUR® Ombracio Pillow

The unique patented design of this pillow with notches at the sides was created specifically for stomach sleepers. TEMPUR® micro cushions inside allow you to hug and scrunch the pillow as you find your most comfortable position.

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Micro-Tech™ Collection

The contemporary Micro-Tech™ collection features our essential foam technologies to conform, adapt and comfort all night. Easy maintenance with no need to flip and washable covers. Available in Firm, Medium and Soft feels.

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Get the most out of your sleep experience with a bed base engineered to partner with our mattresses.

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A perfect soft and huggable addition to complete your sleep upgrade – designed with cushiony soft, modern fabric that’s simple to clean. Your head, neck and shoulders will thank you each morning.

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