TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Hybrid - Designed for a soft feel

Tempur Hybrid pillow
    Tempur Hybrid pillow TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Hybrid - Designed for a soft feel TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Hybrid - Designed for a soft feel

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TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Hybrid - Designed for a soft feel

Comfort pillows are made with a TEMPUR envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR micro-cushions to provide relaxing TEMPUR comfort and support with a more traditional pillow feel.


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Product Description


TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Hybrid

Huggable, easily-shaped feel.

The New TEMPUR® Pillow Hybrid is designed to compliment the Hybrid mattress. Combining TEMPUR® Extra Soft™ material in a stylish geometric cover. The cover can be removed and washed to keep the pillow fresh and hygienic. Soft to Medium feel.

Suitable for most sleeping positions


  • Made with TEMPUR® material that is designed to adapt to your shape, to provide pressure relieving comfort and support to your head, neck and shoulders.
  • The cover textiles have been certified to meet Oeko-Tex® standards, which means that they have been tested for harmful substances and pose no risk to health.
  • The stylish geometric cover is removable for washing at 60 degrees Celsius.
  • This pillow comes with a three year quality warranty.

Size Available:

  • 75 x 40 cm

Pillow protectors and covers are available.

What to do if my Comfort pillow has lost its shape?

Comfort and Ombracio pillows are made up of shredded TEMPUR material surrounded by a TEMPUR membrane to hold it in place. If your pillow has gone flat, you can gently fluff it up, which should restore its shape back to normal.

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Product Details

Allergen and dust mite resistant
  • no

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